Famous lines said by “The Greatest” Muhammad Ali (he often referred to himself as the greatest and his famous opening lines for the publicity of a fight was “I am the Greatest”) for the greatest footballer Pele. Since the popularization of sport through the technology and information boom, the word great has often been overused and wasted. Any sport which had a good fan base is now shown all across the globe through satellite television or the internet. None more than football (since there are about 5 billion peoplufabet วิธีสมัคร e following the World Cup).There is no play, no foul, no player unknown or unreported. Now a player who would be termed as good or sometimes even average is tagged as great.

None deserve the greatest tag more then Edson Arantes Do Nascimento or as we know him better Pele. The face of football, “The King”, this little black boy from Brazil changed the way football was played. The Brazilians can be credited for making the game of football “Beautiful” and giving it the title “Beautiful Game” or “Jogo Bonito” (a term first and often used by Pele). Football is not an ordinary game it is the passion and life of the Brazilians, which we see in their flamboyant and artistic play. The good players play the game well and live up to expectations, but the great players change the way the game is played and exceed expectations.

Pele made the attacking style of Football what it is today. Yet he said “The only thing I wanted to do when I began playing football was to be as good as my father.” Pele was said to have a sense of when the ball would come to him, he seemed to know when he would get it. Ball control, goal scoring ability, passing skills he had them all. Pele is the soul of football. An argument which surfaces often is his comparison to Maradona (owing to the traditional rivalry between Brazil and Argentina) and truly both are one of the finest exponents of the game.

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