You can learn Spanish vocabulary online without having to spend a cent and without plodding through pages upon pages of text. You can do it at your leisure, for free, and most importantly, in a fun way.

If you want to learn Spanish vocabulary or simple phrases and words that you can use to survive; say, a two-week vacation in a Spanish-speaking country, then online resources are your best bet.

Word association

This is a very effective way of learning new words and phrases. One form of online teaching aid that is often used in word association is interactive flash cards.

You will be shown a video with a series of pictures wherein you will need to provide the words or phrases associated with each picture. The ones with an audio feature are the best as you will also learn how the words and phrases are pronounced.


Another fun way of learning verbs and basic grammar is online แทงบอลออนไลน์ games. There are hundreds of free online games that aim to teach simple Spanish words to those who are interested.

Word puzzles, number games, unscrambling letters and fill in the blank exercises are just some of the examples of online games that Spanish students can play to improve their knowledge of the language.

Audio materials

There are online lessons that are audio-focused and rely heavily on recorded sounds to teach words and phrases. These are usually accompanied by videos or pictures, but the main focus is on sound to teach pronunciation and intonation.

If you’re more of an audio learner rather than a visual learner; or you tend to remember instructions more when you hear them instead of just reading them, these recorded lessons are the best for you.

Most audio online lessons are also downloadable so you can save them on your iPod or on CDs and carry them around with you. This leaves you a lot of time to do other things while listening to the audio recordings.

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